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DH felt the baby move last night! I think baby has recently taken a growth spurt because even at my u/s 2 weeks ago I still wasn't feeling a ton of movement. But the last week or so it seems like I'm pretty regularly feeling her move, and pretty big movements too. DH was so excited that he finally was able to feel it! He's tried a few times before but either she stopped moving or he just couldn't feel anything. I love this part of pregnancy!

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I am a week behind you. I can't wait to feel the baby move more! How fun that your husband can feel it now. Smile

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So cool!! I tried to have Jase feel him the other night, but he stopped moving as soon as the hand hit the belly...lol Smile

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I haven't had dh try to feel it yet. But wow baby is sure a lot more active in the last few weeks and I am LOVIN' it! Smile

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That is awesome. It is very surreal to feel it. It's like i have a little secret and no one knows LOL Corny I know...Hubby was pretty amazed to feel it too Smile I just can't nelieve how often I feel itnow all of a sudden. It went from nothing (except once a while ago) to throughout the day all day Smile

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That's really great...I have only felt movement a few times, and nothing in the past week or so. Tomorrow I have an appt, so hoping I'll hear that heartbeat to give me some reassurance!

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That's awesome!! My LO isn't kicking quite hard enough yet but soon ... I hope! I'm more exciting for the kids to feel the baby!!