~35 week appt

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~35 week appt

First off, Happy VDay!!!

Doctor says I'll likely make it * at least * one more week which would be basically "full term" for twins and hopefully avoid NICU. 80% effaced, but no dilation. However, Baby A has dropped into position and she could feel the head!

Will go ahead and induce anytime after March 5 at 37d4w (date keeps fluctuating, but don't mind the earlier date) if not here yet. No signs of pre-eclampsia! Had GBS test today too!

Next appt is Monday! I'll be 35w4d. Just want to make it to 36'weeks (although each day gets tougher). I'm measuring 40 weeks right now and gained 3.5 lbs over last 8 days! Siiiiiigggghhh.

Bottom line: ALMOST THERE!

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sounds like a great appointment! i can imagine it must be exhausting to carry around both those babies, and i can understand how you'd be feeling restless by now. but any weight you're gaining now is just those babies packing on the pounds and producing all the fluid they need, so it's a good thing! and that's great that baby A is in position. definitely a good sign. find some fun ways to distract yourself and this week or two will fly by before you know it. Smile

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That is so awesome! You were meant to carry twins! I'm so happy that everything is going so well in there. I completely feel you on it getting harder every day. 36 weeks is an awesome milestone with twins you can do it mama! The girls will be here before you know it.

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Yay! You're doing so great Meg!

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YAY! I had my 35 week appointment yesterday and I wish it went as good as yours...

It wasn't my Dr who I saw, it was one filling in for her, I passed on the internal exam until next week, but was showing some symptoms of Preclamsia so she sent me over to the hospital for more testing. Good news is, all the tests came back negative and even though my blood pressure is high for me, it's not high for pregnacy. But had to spend a few hours at the Hospital with DH (What a romantic Valentines day!!!)

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Great news Megan! Maybe you will be the first on this board!