already planning the next one...

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already planning the next one...

So DH and I have had fertility issues (well I've had issues, my body and cycle = a mess), wait-lists in our province tend to be long (as much as a year for infertility). We lucked out this pregnancy and I had a spontaneous Ovulation very late (CD 50-60 or so). I just got the call for the fertility specialist appointment in our new city which was sent last March. They've added a new doctor to the practice and cut down on the wait-lists a bit (YAY!) I explained the situation and they said to have the doctor at the OBS clinic send a referral immediately postpartum so I'll get in within 6 months or so. They do feel that I will most likely need some testing and most likely some treatment based on my history in order to conceive again within a reasonable time frame.

So we are already planning TTC for our next! lol Hopefully it' won't take quite as long or be as difficult and draining next time Smile

Anyone else planning another after this?

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Yay! Glad to hear that you guys have a plan in place already. So nice that you don't have to wait forever to see a RE. Maybe you'll find yourself expecting again right before your consultation! Wink

We definitely want to give Baby Boy a sibling. We'll probably go the IVF route again. I'm pretty sure we could get pregnant on our own and now that we know about my blood clotting issue, I feel like I can prevent another loss by taking baby aspirin and extra folic acid. BUT, I don't want to chance a loss due to bad embryos. We'll probably do PGD again to make sure the embryo we put back is nice and healthy. I know there aren't any guarantees even with IVF but I'd like to do everything in my power to prevent another loss for my own peace of mind. We'll probably go back to our RE and start the process once Baby Boy is 18 - 24 months. Biggrin

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Biggrin I'd love a slightly larger age gap (2 - 3 years would be my ideal) but considering my age and that I have trouble Ovulating it's not worth the risk for me to wait so we'll take what we can get as far as timing. In the 6 months we tracked O by temping (opk's didn't work for me) I O'd 2x and got pg both times, first one didn't stick and I started bleeding a few days later, second one is baby Maggie!

I would love to do IVF (which is probably what we'd need if we wait too long) but it's cost prohibitive for us, everything would be out of pocket and we just can't afford it. My mother also had fertility problems and spent 4 years TTC my brother, she was set to start injectables when she finally got pg lol but she was only 22 then, 10 years younger than I am now!

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I KNOW DH wants a boy. I think he's thrilled with a little girl, I know he's gonna be wrapped around her finger, but DH is such a ....redneck, I know he wants a son to play redneck games with LOL

So even though I've been sick to my stomach this entire pregnancy and basically miserable because I can't eat, we do want another one. However, I DO NOT want a kid back to back. I need some relief from this first!

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We are not sure over here. This is our third child & after each baby my husband says he is fine being done & laughs. I always thought I had 4 & due to my age I must try pretty much only a year later or no way. To tell you the truth I am suprised I got pregnant this time & right away too. A lot of day s I am soooo overwhelmed by all their is to do that getting pregnant again......I am not so sure what I will decide. I also hate being pregnant & hate the tought of never being pregant again (hmmmmm can I make up mind)

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I'm done after this one. We have had two ectopic pregnancies and it took me almost a year to convince DH to try one more time for this little man. I feel like two is good for us, and it's nice that we got one of each. We are pretty young and want to work on things like getting a house Smile

We've talked about adopting for several years so DH will be getting snipped, but we may find that our family could grow in that way at some point in the future when our kids are in school and the crazy has settled down a little bit. Right now I just want to enjoy our kiddos Smile

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I am not planning for another baby. I actually had some fertility and miscarriage issues before I got pregnant with my first baby. But, I found out Smile that I was super fertile after the birth of each child. I got my periods right away despite nursing, starting at 6 weeks post partem. It's a strange thing but maybe it might work for you if you see your periods return right away. But they were a little bit erratic so that's why I didn't really know when I was ovulating as I wasn't actively ttc. So, despite 3 m/c and lots of trouble getting pregnant, here I am with almost 5 kids, with my oldest just having turned 7. Maybe you can give this a try? Smile

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gl! We want a large family, so we just don't prevent in general. BUT I have a history of early mc before every successful pregnancy, so the time between pregnancies is pretty stressful for me.

Fwiw, my two boys are almost exactly two years apart, and they have a wonderful relationship. In fact, I think it could only have been better if they were closer in age. I wouldn't worry about spacing. It will all work itself out in the end.