Any big plans for the new year ???? Besides new babies of course

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Any big plans for the new year ???? Besides new babies of course

We are not doing anything for New Years Eve (but that has been true for a while). About two weeks into Jan we will be starting a Lego class & joing a open gym type thing one day a week. Winter is pretty boring. I like going outside most of the day but not freezing.

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No plans set in concrete for me. We may have to move in June... my lease goes month to month then, but I have a nagging suspicion that my landlord is going to want to raise the rent. Plus he's a butthead, and I'd rather give MY notice then him just up and tell me I have 30 days to get out.
Other than that, just a new baby Smile

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Just having a baby Smile

We are looking into me quitting my job after he's born so that would be exciting, but I don't know if it's going to work with our budget or not. I only work M & F but I've been getting really upset about leaving Little Man Sad With our daughter I worked in a home daycare and brought her with me so I was still with her. She didn't start daycare without me until she was almost 3 years old.

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We're planning to make it official and get hitched for our anniversary in April, we already feel married and act married but this way I can change my last name (and share it with one of my kids at least). Nothing big, more of an elopement with our parents and kids present Smile