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Appointment Update

Went in for my first appointment today. It was with the Midwife and we talked and decided to hold of on the U/S until we know what my levels are. I got blood drawn for them today and will do it again Saturday and next Thursday.

She also called the doctor and he told her he would like to be there for the U/S as well so that is another reason we are waiting. I'm actually extremely relieved to be pushing it off a little longer. I have an appointment with him on Thursday and we will do a U/S then if my levels are high enough.

They took a ton of blood today and did an exam. I'm hoping they will have my levels Monday and that it will be good news! I'm switching to prescription prenatals as well as Iron and Vitamin D every day.

We are still in this for now. I'm still feeling pretty good about the baby and feel even better now that we have a plan.

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great....I'm glad you have a plan... cant wait to see your little

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Glad there's a plan and that you are feeling better! Can't wait to see your little bean!

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yey Smile glad you're feeling better about it!

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Yay! I love the 1st appt! I'm so happy for you!

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Glad you had a good 1st appointment and that you are feeling better Smile

pico83 (not verified)

I'm glad you have a plan. I hope you can keep the stress at bay for the next week!

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I know what you mean about waiting for the u/s. After my loss, I'm so tempted when/if I do get pregnant again to wait until we can see a heartbeat before the first u/s just so there's a little less stress. I mean it sucks to wait at all but if ya have to wait for something might as well get the initial answers all out of the way at once I think. It's good to hear that you have a plan and are feeling good so far! I'm sending you lots and lots of sticky vibes and keeping everything crossed that it all goes perfectly for you! Smile