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Appt update

I had an appointment yesterday with the midwife. For some reason I was so anxious and worried that something would be wrong. I don't know if it is still residual worry from the losses we've had or because my husband couldn't be there but I was so nervous!

My midwife talked to me about what I should be doing and how I'm feeling and then she found the heartbeat with the Doppler ! I was so happy I almost started crying and she hugged me haha. She also said that hearing the heartbeat is a great sign and that it almost eliminates the risk of miscarriage. It's still possible, but very nlikely according to her.

It was the best news I could have heard Smile

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That's awesome!

I'm nervous for my appointment tomorrow, I think at this stage it's normal lol. Our board seems to have had a lot of losses and bad news so I think that's weighing on my mind a bit too.

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YAY for a great appointment. It is so very reassuring. Yes the risk of miscarriage is pretty low around the stage you're in with a hb. Great news.

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That's great news. I have my first appt tomorrow & I am nervous too.

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Sounds like a great appointment! I'm always nervous during my prenatal appointments and I think it's from my loss so it's possible that that's why you were anxious. :hugs: