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Baby dream

I can't ever remember having a baby dream before but last night I dreamt I had identical TRIPLET boys and we named them Henry, George, and Edward!

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Aww, that's cute Smile I have had quite a few baby dreams over the past year and a half (too consumed with ttc, I guess ;)) I love the dreams because they seem so real and DH and I are always so excited to finally have a LO. But when I would wake up it would stink because it was just a reminder of what I didn't have.

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ROFL DH used to joke about us having quads (for no real reason) and it gave me all kinds of crazy dreams.

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That's too funny! My DD always drew pictures of my with arm loads of babies (like 100!) Rofl. My SIL keeps telling me I need twins and my mother has jumped on that bandwagon also (for different reasons than my SIL tho). I'd love multiples but triplets might be a bit much lol.