Baby Squirrel's 1st Pictures !!

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Baby Squirrel's 1st Pictures !!

Here is our beautiful baby who we were finally able to see growing in the right place with a beautiful quick little heartbeat !!! It was so amazing, DH and I both teared up but we held it together Smile I am so happy to finally know our little bean is safe and sound !

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How exciting~ What a beautiful pic! Congrats!

How did you get an ultrasound so early? I always have to tell them I have no idea when my last AF was to get an early one! But its worth it!

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Yay! I'm so happy for you! That's such a wonderful sight! I remember when we heard and saw our baby's heartbeat I wasn't prepared for my reaction to it. It was such a special moment. Congrats again sweetie and so glad that things are going so well!

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wow what great pictures! so excited for you!

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I have had 2 ectopics so they have to do u/s to make sure that the baby is in the uterus Smile

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Gorgeous!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!! Xxxxxx

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congratulations! I am so happy they were finally able to see the s/he is in the right place! What a cute little bean. Smile

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awwwww how beautiful

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Yay! That is awesome news!!!

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What a cute pic!!