Can't wait!

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Can't wait!

I just booked our 4D ultrasound for November 9th! Biggrin Wish I could have it sooner but we can't get them early here. We have to wait until after our medical u/s and after 23 weeks. So excited and my MIL is over the moon Biggrin

is anyone else getting a 3D/4D ultrasound done?

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Yep! I'm scheduled for the 20th. The place I'm going to doesn't like to do gender scans before 23 wks, but they'll do them. The package I've signed up for does the regular scan and then a 3D/4D "peek." You get to keep pictures from all of it, too. And they have a webcam available, so my dad (in FL) will be able to see the session too!

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Yay !!!

We are probably going to return to the ultrasound place we had our gender scan done and take family to see Nolan Smile the room is very nice and big so that a lot of people can fit. we think it would be really neat for them to experience.

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YEP! I get mines on Oct. 16th. i will be 16wks and 6days then.