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So ... I'm constipated. And it sucks and it's painful.

DH talked to our pharmacist who gave me some stool softeners. I'm a little freaked out about taking it. I just hate taking ANYTHING pregnant, no matter who says it's ok. I took one one day and it didn't seem to help, so now i don't know if i want to keep taking them. I have an appointment in two Thursdays (8/9) and i'm trying to hold out on talking to the Dr until then but this is rough. I think i'm going to call tomorrow and see what they say.

Does anything in particular help you? I am having abdominal pain periodically from being so badly constipated and I just want it to go away !

I was eating oatmeal every morning but now it's making me sick. I'm trying to drink a lot of water and doing my best to get fiber down.

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In my experience, stool softeners (unless they're REALLY strong) take about 24 hrs to work.

Hope you feel better soon Smile

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i would take the stool softeners. if the pharmcist said it's ok i'm sure it's fine. why should you suffer?

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I find my prenatals make the constipation worse (if I take them I can no longer eat), can you switch to just a folic acid for a day or 2? Also Kim gave me a recipe for a green smoothie that should get things moving along:

mix an apple, banana, carrot, and a cup of spinach/ or romaine plus 2 cups water. Blend it really, really well. Can pour over ice or let get cold in fridge.

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I don't like taking any meds while I am pregnant. I am really tolerant to almost all meds including morphine (found that out when I had gallstones), I was the woman walking around like if nothing was wrong while having morphine lol So even if they say they are safe I rather not ( unless it is really needed), because my body is too tolerant to most meds.

Natural laxative that I do for my son: I make him eat prunes or drink prune juice. It is safe to take even everyday if needed for regular bowel movements. It always works like a charm. In addition, try exercising if you aren't already (at least walk everyday for 30 minutes). The movement helps the body move things around (food) as well as preventing swelling from water retention. Hope you get better soon.

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I hope you are feeling better already. I second the prunes if you can stand the smell (that just overwhelmes me). If my daughter needs help we mix prune juice with vitamin water (I would rather not but) & she drinks it regular. I have personally not tasted it but you mix it with what you like until you can't taste it.