Cravings !

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Cravings !

All I want to eat lately is tacos and fresh fruit. Grapes, cherries, cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon .... Etc. No matter how much I eat I just want more tacos and fruit. Haha. This is ridiculous !

Are you having cravings ? If so what for and can you actually satisfy them ?

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Your cravings sound healthy compared to is horrible, I crave cake!!! Almost everyday, so I try not to give into it. Any other food I just feel disgusted by it. I eat, but am left with a disgust to what I just ate...and I feel hungry every few hours Sad

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I was desperate for turkey dinner a few weeks ago but by the time I finally made it I barely ate any! LOL no major cravings lately, but looking forward to a visit home in a few weeks so I can have some Eastside Mario's!

Still not overly interested in food but it's not making me feel sick anymore.