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I'm heading to bed and might not be on before I head to my appointment in the morning so I just wanted to tell you good luck again and I'm thinking about you Smile I really hope you have a great 1st appointment. I know this past week has been a rough one for me emotion wise, and I think it has been challenging for you as well. You are not alone and you have us hoping for the best for you and baby !

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Have a great appt.!!

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Thank you so much Meg (and Mandy)! I'm thinking of you also, I'm hoping to get on ASAP after my appointment with an update (hopefully my Blackberry cooperates) because I'm heading out to a farm to pay for my weekly veggie baskets for this summer and I may get lost lol so if you don't hear from me by lunch that's probably the reason!

I really hope today eases our minds!

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Good luck ladies! Can't wait to hear how things go!

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Good luck friend! I came on just to check on you!

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Good luck, I'm thinking of you! Hope you have a great appt Smile

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Have a great Appt. Crystal:)

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Good luck Crystal!!! I can't wait to hear your update!! Biggrin

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After waiting over 2 hours to get in for my appointment, the Doctor is putting me at just shy of 6 weeks, but she's going to confirm that in the next 2 to 3 weeks with an ultrasound.

I also gave a half a ton of blood and plenty of urine for my initial work up lol.

Now off to the farm!

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i'm sorry you had to wait 2 hrs before your got to see the doctor and you have to wait 2 to 3 weeks to see your little bean... Be safe and have fun at the farm

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glad everything went well and can't wait to see your first u/s!

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Glad you had a productive appointment- looking forward to more updates!

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Yay! So glad to hear you're off to a good start! I can't wait to see an u/s pic! I'm keeping everything crossed for you and sending all the sticky vibes I can! Smile

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Thanks Ladies! I forgot to mention she told me that what I had for a prescription for acid reflux with DD is now available over the counter and recommended that again because it's gotten so bad I'm avoiding food altogether lately. Last night I managed to eat a full supper - and not just plain white rice!.