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Thread: diaper genie?

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    Default diaper genie?

    Ok ladies, since I had DD1 Diaper Genie has made some design changes. Back then you had to twist the thing and each diaper basically was sealed individually (into a long chain of diaper pearls lol) which eliminated the smell. Now it seems that it's an expensive garbage can with equally expensive 'bags' since there is no more twisting, just open the lid and drop it in...

    For our BTDT Moms, has anyone used the new style? Does it help at all or is it a waste of $$?
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    I have the arm and hammer one. It's fine for newborn stage when they don't smell that bad and you have to empty often due to how many diapers they go through but once I start solids, it starts to smell quickly.
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    I have never used diaper genie. I have every one I know give me their old bags from stores (even with all recyclable bags it is terrible how many plastic bags I get but works for this). Every pooh pooh bag gets out right away. I also cloth diaper & that is whole different smellly ballgame.


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