Doctors appt. WENT BAD!

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Doctors appt. WENT BAD!

Doctors didnt go so good today.....Baby is fine. My blood pressure is 130/100 . Bottom number is way to high. I have been sent to a Cardiologist finally for my heart problems and high blood pressure. My mother has a heart problem as well called syncope which could have passed on down to me......
Shouldnt i have been on meds?
my blood pressure has been these:

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Your earlier bp wasn't bad. My normal bp is right around there at 130/80. My doctor hasn't been concerned as that's not considered high. When I was pregnant the first time I had hypertension during the last month and my bp was 155/95 or sometimes higher (I think i peaked at around 160/100 before they induced me). Seems like they have been monitoring you appropriately as your bp started to creep up into the high category (anything over 140/90) and are now moving to take measures to make sure yours doesn't get any higher. They may prescribe medication and an altered diet.

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Oh no, I'm sorry for a bad appointment. I do hope everything goes well and you and the baby stay safe.

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I'm sorry your bp is high already! That has to be frustrating!

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Yea i know my bp has been high before i was pregnant. it even mess with my heart. i am now being seen by a cardiologist.

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My OB just took me off my meds yesterday because she feels that you should only take them if absolutely necessary. I have high BP, and had PE with my first pregnancy. Yesterday my BP was 126/76. I am to monitor my BP everyday if it gets to 140/90 or higher I have to go back on meds immediately. I think with numbers over 90 you must do something about it.

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If there's a family history of it then I think starting to work on earlier would have been smarter but that doesn't mean the situation is completely hopeless ya know?