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Ok so DH and I DTD this morning. It wasn't the first time since we found out but it's been maybe a week or close to it I guess.

Later in the morning I had some light pink spotting and now I'm cramping. This is the same cramping I had after my Transvaginal ultrasounds and it lasted until I woke up the next day.

Would you be concerned?

I think i'm going to wait and see how I feel in the morning. If I have more spotting or cramping after I wake up I'm going to call the doctor and see what they think. I don't want to over react but I am freaking out. I already told DH no more monkey business until the first trimester is behind us. I can't go through this all the time. Poor guy Sad

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I had the same issue after we DTD a few weeks ago, it's what sent us to the ER. I had bright red blood and my cervix had dropped and opened. After a very stressful weekend we found out all was ok and have since had a u/s and everything is ok.
I am however not supposed to do any strenuous activity, no intercourse and as much rest as possible until after our next appointment with the OB at 11 weeks.

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Thanks Crystal. That is good to know. I've just been taking it super easy today. I already feel better and the cramping is getting less frequent so hopefully it's nothing but I'm going to hold off on the intercourse still. It seems dumb to do something that I know could cause issues. My next appt is at 11 weeks too. Hopefully we will make it there with no more events.

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I'm glad that you are feeling better:). I hope that you don't have anymore scares.

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Totally normal. If I get pg I won't dtd the first tri either. With our loss we did a few times but I just won't chance it next time.