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Baby Maggie has arrived! Went in to L&D friday to get checked out because of wet blood streaked mucus, not the thick sticky kind, after another night of contractions. They did some tests because they weren't sure I had a fluid leak, they opted to admit me and help increase contractions as needed to get labor going.

I should have seen it coming after it took 4 nurses 8 tries to get my IV in. I was at 5 when they admitted me. Several hours later despite more frequent and painful contrax (natural ones) I was still at 5. So they gave me my epidural and meds to increase them. This was great for a while, then the epi stopped working, pressure from a bulging sac of water they said. It broke during the cervix check and that pressure got worse. They increased my epi because I was still only at 6cm, 5 hrs in and hardly progress. It did pick up after that and by 900 ish it was time to push. I was a wreck at that point exhausted and in a lot of pain 3 hrs of pushing and a vacuum assisted delivery and she was finally out. She had gotten her shoulder stuck and was positioned to one side.
Once she was out everything happened fast, she had some trouble breathing, they took her to the special care nursery to check her out while I was taken to the OR for surgery. My placenta wouldn't detach for delivery and my cervix was closing fast. Under a general I went while the doc did his work. I didn't get to hold my daughter for 2 hrs after delivery and only for a few minutes, she spent the night in the NICU and most of the next day.
Because I spiked a fever during delivery I was treated for a possible sepsis infection while we waited the results of my blood culture, 48 hrs of IV anti-biotics.

We're finally home now and despite some extra pain and bruising on both of us we're doing well Smile So in love with our new baby girl!!

"Maggie" Margaret Hope R
March 2nd 12:04 am
8lbs 15oz, 21 3/4 inches long

Sisterly love

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Lovely photos. Glad you are home. Hope all goes well from now on.

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Congrats!! She is beautiful.

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Congrats! She is so adorable. Love the picture with her sister!!

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Congratulations! I'm sorry it was so rough and I'm glad you're both doing better now.

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I'm so sorry you had such a difficult time! But I'm so happy for you that she's here! Congratulations, and I hope you recover well!