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First Appointment

Hi everyone,

I had my first appointment with a new dr. I was a little nervous going to a new dr and group, but I just LOVE her and the practice. She very relaxed, knowledgeable, and flexible. When I went in, they did my annual pap and then an ultrasound. They have u/s machines in each of the rooms! How cool is that! It might be standard for most. She did it herself and I saw my baby, the heartbeat, and it was flipping around in there. I was so very happy. It measured exactly according to my ticker.

She saw the subchorianic hemorrhage and it is small. I can still feel it and I could tell her exactly where it was. She said it's going to be alright and not to worry.

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Yay for a great appt!

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That sounds great!!

My practice has an ultrasound room and some that they can wheel into the other rooms if they need to. I have always been jealous of the women who get multiple u/s! We got one early on because of my ectopics and won't get another until 22ish weeks and then we will be done.

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"NutMeg4189" wrote:

I have always been jealous of the women who get multiple u/s!

Me too! Medical ultrasounds are just so expensive in my area, and it's hard to find insurance that covers imaging of any kind. That's why I'll be getting my medical u/s at a crisis center (I'll leave a donation as a thank you, and yes, they know I'm not in crisis), and then we'll learn the gender through a non-medical u/s.