First Time Mom 7wks 4days

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First Time Mom 7wks 4days

hey every1 how are you? how much are you eating? hows da naseau?:confused::help1:

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Welcome ! Congrats on your 1st!

I'm doing okay. The nausea is getting better here, almost gone unless I am near a trigger, like strong smells. I'm eating everything under the sun and starving!!

How are you doing?

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Congrats on your first baby.

I eat what I can, but feel sick almost the whole day. I am not surprised and relieved that I am not puking like my last. I threw up for 9 months with my first child. Everyone and every pregnancy is different. Try eating bread to absorb the fluid in your stomach to help with the nausea.

By the way if you are going to be a regular forum member you might want to make a sticky March space for your baby to share info about your little one all in one place. It is a nice way to keep records of all the exciting things that happen during your pregnancy and arrival of your LO

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Hi & welcome,

My nausea has all but left (knock knock knock on wood). Still some heartburn (I am sure that will get worse). Congrats on your first baby. Woo Hoo

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Congrats! HH9M!

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My nausea I *thought* had pretty much disappeared but I woke this morning and dry heaved for about 10 minutes (while our lovely dog peed on the floor in the hall). Fingers are crossed that's a one time thing and I go back to feeling better!

As for eating, I am trying to eat as healthy as possible but only eating small amounts at any one time. Helps a bit to make sure I don't feel sick later.