first u/s didn't go well XP

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first u/s didn't go well XP

I had my first u/s this afternoon and there's just a sac. It measures right on for 7w, but it was obvious to me it was empty even before I was told. So, now we're waiting. I have a repeat u/s on the 14th, if nothing happens by then. But, I know it's just a matter of time. I'm surprisingly okay with it. We'll get past this (unless something miraculous happens and a baby appears in the next 12 days) and then we'll try again at some point.
Now if only the terrible m/s would disappear...

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I'm so sorry. Is there a possibility that maybe your dates are off or you implanted late? I hope that everything turns out well!

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:bighug: I'll be thinking of you! :bighug:

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I'm so sorry. Keep us posted!


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I am really sorry to hear about your u/s. You're in my thoughts.

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It is possible. With my youngest I went in at 7 weeks. We waited one more week and low and behold there was a little heart beat at the next u/s. She is almost 3 now. It turned out that she was just a slow grower.

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I just wanted to ask if you maybe your dr could do an HCG draw to see where your numbers are and possibly a follow up after 48 hours. Sometimes serial draws can help to know what's going on too.

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I am so sorry to read this. I hope the m/s goes away soon for you. Why did they do an US so early?

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I'm really doing okay with it (well, not the continuing m/s part). I'm sure of my dates, but they did an u/s because my cycles were irregular (still BFing). They did draw blood for HCG yesterday, but I'll be out of town for a bit, so they can't really follow up that way easily and given my hyperemesis the levels are probably high and won't tell them much anyway.

Alyssa - thanks for the optimism. I've always had an early u/s (usually because of the hyperemesis) and have always seen a blob with HB by this time. But... I guess you're right and it's not quite over yet. Still, mentally I'm moving on to June 2013 or so. Wink If it works out it'll be a pleasant surprise.

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Sorry to hear this. It's never easy to not be reassured. Hope everything is fine!

btw- I LOVE the pics of your boys! 3 boys are just so adorable! I have a feeling I will be taking that same picture in the future!

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I'm sorry to hear...I pray that everything will work out....I'll be lurking...

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I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you get better news at your next scan. :bigarmhug:

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I am in the same situation I went in to the ER yesterday due to cramping and they told me the same thing. Its devastating.

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Ds1 is 3 now, and he didn't even show up on his 6wk u/s. The doctor assumed I had my dates off, but there had only been one opportunity for me to conceive, so I was pretty certain. Miracles can happen.

If that doesn't happen for you, I'm sorry, and I hope the whole process isn't too rough on you.


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"strawberryshortk86" wrote:

I am in the same situation I went in to the ER yesterday due to cramping and they told me the same thing. Its devastating.

Oh no! Take care of yourself. ((hugs))

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With my DD I was 99% sure of when I conceived, there were very limited opportunities as to conception based on my conception dates she should have been due Dec 20-25. According to my u/s she was due Jan 16th!!! Well she was born via induction on Dec 31st showing many signs of being at least a week overdue....

I'm a firm believer that u/s only work for some. If baby grows faster or slower than 'normal' they are useless.
Fingers crossed you get some good news at your next scan!!

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I'm so sorry this is happening to you! I hope they were wrong and baby will show on your next scan.

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:bigarmhug: Thinking of you!!