Fun with EDDs

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Fun with EDDs

Depending on which calendar tools I use, my edd is 3/20 or 3/21--which amounts to the same thing. Either way, if I give birth a little early, this bean could be a birthday present for my dad. His birthday is 3/17! Even if I don't go before my due date, it will be a belated present. Happy 61st, Dad!

Does anyone else have an edd that coincides with some other important date in their lives?

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Not really. I'm due 3/2. My brothers birthdays are 3/14 and 3/25 and my aunts is 3/26. I really hope I'm not pregnant for any of them! I was 4 days late with DD so I'm hoping this baby comes right on time Smile

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Our friends' little girl will be 3 on my EDD (March 4th), they are DH's closest friends and are also expecting right now. I think it woul be extra neat if 2 of our kids shared a b'day. Their oldest share a b'day with my mother already lol

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I'm probably due around 3-19. We have two family birthdays in March, but they're pretty early in the month.
Interestingly, DS3 narrowly avoided being a birthday present for his grandfather. He held up a little to long and was born just after midnight. Maybe yours will have better timing. Wink

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I'm due 3/10 and my dad's birthday is 3/8 so who knows? But my dad hasn't had contact with us in years and doesn't even know Logan so he won't even know Sad

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We're very close to St. Patrick's Day and he's big on his heritage.

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I don't have a definite EDD yet, because I'm not sure of my LMP date, but it looks like 3/20-3/25, somewhere in there. My boys were both C-section babies, so I know I'll go 10days early or so. If this is a girl, we'll most likely name her after my grandmother, and her birthday is 3/10. That would be just perfect. If my EDD is earlier than I think, my mom's birthday is 3/1 and that would be even better!

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I was thinking about this last night and realized something interesting.
DS3 was due 10 days after FILs birthday but came 9 days early, so the day after FIL's birthday.
This baby is due 10 days after MIL's birthday. Hmmm... she has only sons and only grandsons. I'd love to give her a granddaughter... maybe even on her birthday.