Giving up....

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Giving up....

It was another BFN again today. On 3 different tests lol I bought some Answer brand ones just to see if the FRERs were duds and then I did an IC as well. The IC I know is 20 mIu at least and I think the Answer is 25 and I know FRER doesn't publish theirs but I think it's rumored to be even lower than those. So if I was pg one of those would have had some faint line at 11 dpo seeing as how I've been feeling symptoms for 4 days now. My dh thinks the symptoms are all in my head that I'm convincing myself I'm nauseous, fatigued, etc. IDK how I'm possibly doing this bc I have really felt sick to my stomach to the point of gagging several times but he must be right. I'm sad I really wanted tto give him a BFP for Fathers Day. I really thought I had done it too. Even when I O'd I had spotting and mt MW says that's as fertile as you get especially since its my first real cycle after my Noah's loss. But after I stared at the indent line on the Answer test for 5 minutes trying to make it have color I wondered why on earth I was doing this to myself. It's not the end of the world if I'm not pg this cycle. It feels like it now if I'm being honest but it's not. I know I'm not technically out til the witch shows but I'm sure it's not happening this go round so I'm done wasting tests. Best of Luck to everyone else I can't wait to see those BFPs rolling in from you guys!!!

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:bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug:

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So sorry Tiffany:( Hopefully the next cycle you will get your BFP. But the witch has not arrived yet.... still keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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Well woke up to a little bit of brown spotting today. It's gone now but I'm feeling crampy so I'm sure the witch is on her way she's due Wednesday but I'm thinking she's coming early.

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I'm so sorry Tiffany Sad I hope your BFP is coming next cycle.

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Sad I was waiting to hear that you had a BFP

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I'm sorry Tiffany. Sad I know how you feel. I'm about to start Femara again and I keep telling myself that it's not the end of the world if I don't get pregnant right away even if it feels that way. It's so hard to lose a child and not be expecting another one immediately I think. I'm keeping it all crossed for you for next cycle sweetie! :bigarmhug:

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Thanks girls I really appreciate your support for this roller coaster ride of ttc. I know I must sound hysterical sometimes going from being sure I'm preggo to being sure I'm not. Like Leah said it really sucks ttc right after a loss and this isn't even my first time doing that. I really was sure I was preggo there for a few days I've been that way so many times before. I will try not to get sucked in so badly next month. If I O like I'm supposed to I could still hit March. FF says March 27 EDD for next cycle.

Leah I've got everything crossed that this cycle is a lucky one for you, you have a great chance that it will be!!! I wish ALL of you a lucky cycle this go round! I can't wait for the first BFP!

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Really late to this, but wanted to say sorry anyway :comfort: Hope it happens soon for ya Smile