Good news from the Dr :)

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Good news from the Dr :)

Doc called with my betas! My level was 398 on Thursday and 891 on Saturday so they more than doubled and they are very pleased. I am so happy and excited. I still have a lot of nausea and no spotting or pain so I am pretty convinced this baby is here to stay. I have another appointment Thursday so we shall see Smile

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Great numbers!!!!

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Woo hoo! Great news, Megan- congrats!:blob7:

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Yay! Fantastic numbers! Sounds like a sticky bean!

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Wahhoooo congrats!!

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That's great! Congrats!

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Yay!!! Sounds like things are going wonderful!

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great news! I hope your appointment goes well.

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THanks everyone Smile you make me feel even better !

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that's awesome!

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wow that's awesome! how did you get your dr to take blood tests so early? Mine won't even see me till July 19th Sad

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Gina I have had two ectopics so the chances of this being one as well are pretty high. They wont know for sure where baby is until we hear a heartbeat or see a sac or baby on U/S. I have not lost a tube to either pregnancy and my dr wants to keep it that way by finding out as soon as possible if something is wrong.

They use the beta to make sure that there aren't any big signs like extremely low or extremely high numbers or not doubling. Theses are the draws from my last pregnancy which we discovered was ectopic.
4 wk 2 days: 4
4 wk 6 days: 32
5 wk 6 days: 1413

and these are my levels from this pregnancy:
4 wk 5 days: 348
5wk 0 days: 891

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oh ok... so if there is a problem in the past they will look at you sooner. I wonder why you have higher #'s if it's ectopic? weird... Why are you more prone to them is it heriditary?

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It isn't hereditary. They don't really know why it happens and I can't really do anything to avoid it. I just get pregnant and hope that the eggie implants in the right place.

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And I don't know why it would be high Smile Rverything I've read has said low but the dr told me they would be looking for too high numbers as well.

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Wonderful numbers!! Biggrin Good luck at your next appointment!