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Gotta Ask...

Now that we're all halfway, who has names picked out?

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We had names picked out a year before we got pg. Baby Girl is Margaret Hope R*** and we call her Maggie Smile DH already has a nickname for her too, he calls her his lil' Magpie

Some days I feel like we are totally ready for her and others it seems like we have so much more to do. Either way we can't wait to meet our littlest princess :love1:

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maybe Pearl for a girl & still no name for a boy. I feel such relief once we have names.

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Our little man is Nolan Patrick

He would have been Rylan Averie if he was a little girl Smile

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We're having a pretty hard time with names. So far, we kind of like Austin or Odin as a first name. We're not entirely sure so we haven't decided on anything definite. We liked Matthew as a middle name but I forgot that that is my nephew's middle name lol. We're entertaining the idea of Rafael as a middle name- in honor of our late friend.

DS3 was 3 days old before he had a name so this one may be unnamed for awhile as well.