It has been fun but.....

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It has been fun but.....

Sad I started AF, so I am back to day 1. I am a little sad but at least my metformin did give me a shorter cycle and I can try again. Good luck to all who are waiting to test and who got their BFP I will be checking on here to see your progress.

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Awww sweetie I'm sorry. Sad Stupid AF. AF sucks and is no fun at all! Keeping my fingers crossed that next cycle is your cycle! At least you know Metformin helps. Smile

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Thanks Leah:) I am hoping this is your cycle, keeping my fingers crossed for you. Now I can go camping this weekend and have a few drinks around the campfire lol.

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Sorry the witch found you.
Hugs and I wish you all the best for April

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so sorry Sad :bigarmhug:

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I'm so sorry! yay for the camping tho! i would love to go camping!!!! I'm jealous!

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Thanks Ladies your support is awesome. Today has been rough with my crankiness. My sweet husband had a nice thought that he brought us Dairy queen blizzards for us and I got a cheese quack (sp?) so anyways I got really mad because I could not taste the cheese cake at alll. All I want to do is to go down there and throw the F...king thing at them and tell them to do it better , but I didn't I eat it anyways and not enjoyed it. I know I am on my period when.... lol.

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Sorry you didn't get lucky this month. Glad the metformin helped your cycle though.

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I'm sorry:( Best wishes for next cycle!!! I hope that you have a great time camping!