Hello. :) I'm in the 2ww

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Hello. :) I'm in the 2ww

It's been a LONG time since I've been active on the board. I'm a veteran of the April 07 and Jan 10 boards.

I Od on July 4th! So there was a great ending to a great day! I've been talking my husband into another one for a while now and I finally broke him down! Biggrin

GL to everyone and HH9M to all of you who are already pregnant!

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Good luck!!!!!
July 4th would be an awesome conceive date.

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wooo hoooo ! I bet that was a fun baby dancing night with all the fireworks going off LOL

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Good Luck !!! I hope you get to stay here at March Smile

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I hope that you caught that egg! May your 2ww go by quickly:)

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I O'd July 3rd! Smile So we're kind of cycle buddies! Smile Good luck! Hope to see your BFP this cycle!