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Hello M/S

Well after a week and a half of a mild underlying feeling of nausea and some serious heartburn, vomit has entered the building, at about 12:30 this morning. Not fun but at least it makes me feel more pregnant!

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EW! I hope your morning sickness passes quickly Crystal. I'm glad you got some reassurance from it though Smile

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Oh no fun! I felt a LOT better when I made myself eat whether I liked it or not. I ate every two hours whether I was hungry or not and kept some crackers by the bed at night so if I woke up feeling sick I'd eat a cracker or two. Made a big difference for me. I always felt sick when I woke up in the morning but if I made myself eat something anyway I'd switch from being nauseated to being ravenous. Lol. It did help a lot though. I hope you feel better! But yeah for obvious pregnancy symptoms!

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I'm sure its not fun but how exciting to have a symptom.....

After having two m/c, I would welcome any symptom especially :puke2: with the quickness...lol...Can't wait to hear about your Doctors appt tomorrow, I hope you feel better...GL!!!