Here but mostly lurking UPDATED

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Here but mostly lurking UPDATED

I'm having internet issues which means I haven't been able to get here much. Plus, I had some light bleeding Monday then some spotting Tuesday. I've also been having some cramping. I thought I was m/c for sure at start of week but so far am holding in there. Trying to get my ob-gyn to give me an u/s next week.

Hoping this is a good sign. Got this this morning

IMG_2170 by photologs, on Flickr

pico83 (not verified)

sorry you're dealing with bleeding and cramping. Good luck. i hope the ob can get you in for an u/s.

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I hope you get an appt. to ease your mind. I hope everything is okay! Has the bleeding/spotting stopped? I had a lot of cramping last time that seemed to go on forever. It's scary but it can be totally normal. Good luck sweetie and I'll be keeping your in my thoughts and prayers.

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I'm sorry that you are going through this, how stressful! I hope that that is the last of the bleeding and that your doctor can ease your fears.

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I'm sorry your cramping and spotting that is scary. It is common though I've had it several times and went on to have a healthy baby. I would say your test is a great sign, it's always nice to see the test line steal dye from the control line.

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I was having cramping too, but it has faded and i think stopped in the past week. I think it's pretty normal, and so is spotting though I know any blood at all is terrifying ! I am thinking about you and hoping you get a u/s soon.

And that line is beautiful !