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I'm Wendy, got my BFP two days ago, confirmed yesterday by my OB. I'm in shock, but happy. This will be my 3rd, I have two little boys. James is 8 and Danny is 6.

I'm 37 (and OMG that seems old right now) and my husband will be 44 in September. I'm a high school Geometry teacher, and I'm really into cooking. I have my own cooking blog and I love pinterest for recipes. I read a lot and I'm also a gamer.

I also think I'm brain-dead from the shock at this time!

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Welcome Wendy and congrats Smile I hope the shock wears off soon ! Do you have an Due Date yet?

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congratulations! I'm 37 too and DH will be 40 this month! we also have 2 kids 7 and 4 so it seems we have alot in common Smile

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congrats! My mom had a surprise baby when she was 38 (found out at 37) with older kids 11, 9, and 6. It has all worked out fine. Smile

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Thanks Wink

I do not have a firm EDD yet, but by my calculations it will be 3/20-3/23 or so. I haven't been tracking my MP very well so I'm not sure. Will get a firm date at my 10w U/S on Aug 31.

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Hi Wendy! Congratulations on number 3 Smile I bet your boys will be excited!

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congrats Wendy. I am also on number 3.

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Congrats and welcome! This will also be our third:). I bet your kids will be a lot of help when this little one arrives.

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Congrats and welcome!

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Congrats! This is baby 3 for us, too!

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Welcome and congrats. I am a year younger than you and I feel old too. Sighhh...

Im kinda braindead too.