Hi! I am new around here :)

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Hi! I am new around here :)

Hello, I am Michelle, 33yo. I've been lurking since I was pregnant with my son, who is now 4.5yo. My husband and I decided to "take the plunge" and try for the second one. I think I ovulated on the 14th (I can usually tell- I get some light cramping on one side or the other), so now waiting to test. Trying to hold off until at least Sunday.
Excited to be more active on preg.org this time around. Sending out *positive* vibes and looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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Welcome Michelle and Good luck this cycle !!!

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Good luck and it's nice to meet you!

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cant wait to hear our results...good luck!!!!!

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Welcome Biggrin

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Welcome and good luck!

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Welcome and good luck this cycle! :):)

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Welcome and good luck:) Baby dust to you.

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Thanks everyone- so kind of you to reply to my post! I am still in a bit of a "limbo," negative HPT's (yesterday and today) but I am a little late on the AF front. This is just what happened with our son, although I was just coming off BC that cycle, so I attributed being late to that at the time.
Time will tell... but I am starting a new position in July and am super nervous about the conversation with my bosses, if I am preggo :eek:

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welcome! gl this cycle and hey.. I know the feeling about starting a new job and being pregnant. I've been there and it all worked out so I'm sure it will for you Smile

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welcome! I know how you feel about the job... I just had an interview yesterday so if i get the job this will be interesting!

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Thank you, Ladies! The job thing is kind of stressful, albeit premature (as I have yet to get a positive test). I guess since we've conceived our son on the first try, I have an expectation of it being the same this time around as well. Although of course, there are no guarantees- so trying to be "zen" about it. Thanks for your support.