Holy Contractions Batman! (xp)

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Holy Contractions Batman! (xp)

Yesterday I was contracting like crazy, if I stood up or tried to do anything I got so super tight. I tried a warm bath and a nap (dog wouldn't have any of that, he barked every 5 mins until I finally gave up after a half an hour..) it helped a bit but they came back shortly after. The only thing that made them go away was staying off my feet entirely, which is also the reason I didn't go into L&D to get checked out, since they did ease when I was sitting or laying. They weren't painful exactly but man it felt like my belly was in a vice grip!

Today thankfully I've had none! I think it was all a result of being way too over tired as I hadn't slept much the night before.

Anyone else have crazy contractions from lack of sleep?

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Contractions are coming here and there, but nothing to write home about. I am not drinking enough water. Mostly I take some tylenol and that helps. I don't get them from lack of sleep though. I'm already up half the night taking care of my 18 month old who is going through night terrors or I'm in the bathroom. Or one of the other kids are coming to my bed. I never get more than a couple hours of sleep anyway. I'm kind of permanently in newborn mode lol since I never make it out of being up most of the night.