House Pictures (warning very pic heavy)

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House Pictures (warning very pic heavy)

For those of you who've been waiting Biggrin Here are some after pictures of the new house!

Front Entry

Living Room

Dining Room


Master Bedroom



Family Room

Guest Room

DD's room is set to be completely redone at the end of June when she's away for a week! Pics will follow Smile

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Crystal!! I love your home!!! It is absolutely beautiful and I love the colors! Smile

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Thanks Michelle!

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Wow, I love it!!

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It's beautiful !

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Crystal!!! It looks great! I love Eala's little playhouse! Was that there when you got the house? You have worked hard and it has paid off...want to come to my house and work your magic?!! Smile

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Thanks guys Smile

Kate it was there but when we came to look at the house we didn't see it! There was so much snow we couldn't go out back and it was dark out so we couldn't see it from the house. Imagine our surprise when we discovered we bought not one house but 2! LOL

The playhouse still needs some work, I want to put a rug in it and paint the walls. I think we'll do it up as a reading spot for her - he all time fave thing to do (she recently read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series in 2 weeks!)

I wish we lived closer because I'd love to help with your place Smile

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I love your home....I love love love the hardwood floors....