How is DH/DF/BF doing?

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How is DH/DF/BF doing?

Just wondering how the daddy's are doing Smile

DH is working a lot of nights and I know that's rough on him because he doesn't get to see DD very often. It's rough on us because I'm home with DD by myself a lot right now on top of school and work and feeling like pooh most of the time. I get upset that He isnt there and then feel bad for being upset that hes working to provide for his family ... He's trying to be supportive and sweet but sometimes he sucks at it haha.

Last week he told me "I miss you all the I've when we aren't together and then when we are I remember you are insane and pregnant right now and I want to go away." Wow ... Thanks babe.

But then he does other things like tonight. Subway was out of green peppers and I was majorly bummed. He offered nd then went to the grocery store for me, bought a green pepper, and cut some for my sandwich. I was a very happy, spoiled wifey Smile

As far as the baby goes, he's doing what he can to be involved, but there just isn't really much right now. I think after he can feel the baby move he will want to feel my belly and talk to baby more. Also I think after our big u/s he will want to start shopping and get more into that aspect. So far I've been picking out things alone for budgeting mostly because we aren't going to start really buying until after we find out gender, but he does give me an opinion when I ask for one Smile

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My dh has been pretty busy with his work too. But he's also very excited about the baby, and has been making a point of talking to it in the morning and at night. My pregnancies have each been really good times in our marriage, so we try to savor it as much as possible.

At the same time, he hasn't been able to be around for this one as much as for the others, and we have two young boys, so he worries about my ability to cope (and so do I sometimes).

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I can relate to your DH working night shift and you feeling alone! DH worked night shifts for the last 3 years. He worked 7pm to 7am but b/c of how far his work was and his OCD need to be overly early, he left at 6pm on work nights. He'd get home about 7:30/7:45am and sleep pretty much all day. He was scheduled to work 3-4 days per week (on a rotating schedule) but would work 5 days every time they'd let him because we couldn't afford our bills with his regular check (and even with the 60 hour checks, we were still not making ends meet). He was pretty much just sleeping and working. I was alone at bedtime with the kids and ripping my hair out because 3 cranky kids is rough!

Now that he's working day shift (he leaves at like 5am and on a good day comes home around 5pm- but he rides with the foreman so that means he has to stay until the foreman can leave), I've come to realize that he was actually more helpful than I had previously noticed. :oops: He took Adam to school and picked him up and now that's on me. When he did it, I kept the kids here so it was an easy trip for him but with him at work, I have to drag Xander with me to bring Adam and Logan to and from school. Then there's the fact that Ed did all the bank trips and bought all the garbage stickers for us, etc and now I have to do those things with a kid that doesn't like boring banks.

As far as the baby, Ed doesn't care about baby stuff so he has no input on clothes or baby gear. He's only interested in the baby him/herself. He hasn't been able to go to many of my appointments with me (but he will if he's laid off for the winter) and I feel like he's missing out on so much. He's been a trooper though and keeps insisting that he's fine but I know how he was with Logan and Xander so I'm not buying it. I know he would rather be involved.

He won't talk to me about names but he was the same way with Xander and ended up needing to see him first before he could help choose a name. Wink

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My DH is super excited. He wants to go shopping and look at stuff for the baby all the time lol. He's already feeling some stress to get the room done and we have 5 months left. He just wants everything to be perfect. He tries to get me to take it easy and left him do more but being home all day I feel rather guilty letting him do laundry or clean when I'm capable and home all day, alone. He tries to feel the baby move but can't just yet. That sort of bums him out a bit because he wants to feel what I feel but it will happen soon enough and he probably won't take his hands off me from that point until the baby comes lol