How was your weekend?

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How was your weekend?

Hi everyone, I am back from my 4 day camping trip and we had a blast!! Wondering how was yours? I am on day 14 now getting ready to o may have already but not sure. I have GTKY questions. 1. Do you like pepsi or coke? 2. what is your poison, Vodka, rum or whisky? I like pepsi and rum

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Hi Shannon,
Glad you had a lovely weekend! We went blueberry and strawberry picking- now trying to use up all those berries Smile
1. I LOVE coke zero!
2. definitely vodka, although I've been known to enjoy a gin and tonic on an occasion Wink

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Hi ladies! We went and visited our niece in KY this weekend. She's 17 months now and haven't seen her since she was 9 about a big difference. It broke our hearts to go so long without seeing her but they live so far away they don't really travel here but once or twice a year and same goes for us going there. She's a big girl now and thankfully wasn't terrified of us or anything. She still seems to love me. Lol.

1. I love diet coke.
2. I had whiskey so not that. Lol. I suppose rum or vodka is okay though I like tequila best. Lol.

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@ygirl777 I used to pick strawberries and blueberries too. They are so yummy. My mom always made jams and pies.
@ Leah that is awesome you got to see your niece:) I know when my Inlaws comes it takes Sarah a good day to get use to them and then she warms up to them the rest of the time. This weekend I skipped my metformin I didn't feel comfortable to drink with it. We had my friends to come along too. Now me and my little Sarah are both sick with colds now:(

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good morning Smile my weekend was good. we went to some springs and it was a little chilly bc it was overcast but we still had a blast!

hrm.. I like mixed drinks a lot.. and use rum in mixed drinks.. and tequila the most!

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4 day camping sounds fun! We went home to visit our families and drop DD off for a 2 week visit.

I'm not a pop drinker, sometimes Diet coke if there's nothing else available. As for liquor, I'm a tequila girl!