I am ready

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I am ready

I am soooo ready. I just hate the end. I want my body back & the baby wants to be free.

I have been told at two NST a week apart that I am contracting every 5 minutes BUT I certainly do not feel that. I do feel contractions about 20 to 30 times a day. Some very minor & some that stop me in my tracks (but still not like when I was in real labor with my daughter). I get nausous every morning & most mornings I dry heave. I get heartburn just if I bend over even if I have not eaten anything. I have gained 59lbs so far. I hate winter & feel bad for my kids that I have them so couped up. I just fall asleep sometimes when watching a show with the kids (not like me) & I let them (I actually encourage) to watch as much tv as they will.

The Dr was suprised at how big my stomach is. My stomach is so sore around the middle. She said if I want to talk about induction at 39 weeks we can because of the size of me. She asked if I thought the baby was giant. I don't think I would induce unless they really thought it would be medically better but that being said I am ready as I think we all are.This has been by far my hardest pregnancy. Oh, & my hands get numb all the time now from carpal tunnel so add that to my big fat fred flintstone feet that fall asleep.

Sorry for to much complaining but I know you all understand.