I am so pathetic!

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I am so pathetic!

So I am in the dreaded 2ww and of course driving myself crazy. Well today I wake up with a lower backache and then when I brushed my teeth one of my gums bled a little bit. And I am excited over these things! Good Lord Almighty I am like 5 dpo and starting to search for symptoms already. I doubt I'm really having symptoms this early but I see them everywhere. I don't think I'll survive the 2ww!

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LOL Tiffany, I was just like that too! I was looking for symptoms *EVERYWHERE*. I'm pretty sure I drove myself just a little bit insane during the TWW!!

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The TWW is so awful ! Every little thing becomes a sign Smile

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how early can you test? Those symptoms would drive me crazy, too.

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I'm always the same way also! hate it!! why couldn't we just find out a day after? geez Biggrin

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So...I have to get pregnant by December for a lot of reasons, and have just started trying to get pregnant....I just tested today and should start my period Sunday...it said I wasnt pregnant. Did I test too early? Or am I not pregnant? Sad

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I have never gotten a + before 9 dpo and it was super faint on a FRER, like stare at it for hours up to the light faint lol, but usually start testing then. I think the longest I've ever held off is 12 dpo. So I will prolly start testing on Friday maybe hold off til Saturday if I'm not feeling symptoms yet.

Chilirunner- everyone is different on when they test positive. There are a lot of factors involved as well like what kind of test you use, if you use FMU (first morning urine), how many DPO (days past ovulation) you are, and how many days your cycle normally is. If Sunday is 14 dpo then yes you might be too early bc you are only 8 dpo today. I have seen + tests then but it isn't common. I would say give it another day or two and test again w/ FMU and I wouldn't count yourself out until your period starts. GL!

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I've done the same things....it gets very frustrating, this cycle i'm just going with the flow...no opk's no nothing....we are going to just baby dance and enjoy ourselves;my husband bought a book (if you know what I mean):rolleyes:...... I cant wait to start using it tonight (big smile).....