I didn't need to test because

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I didn't need to test because

AF came a knocking on my door a few minuts ago...Well off to April..One day I'm going to find a home...Good luck to all

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I am sorry this wasn't the month, Michelle. Keeping fingers crossed for an April baby for you!

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I'm so sorry! It's so hard going from board to board... you will find yours soon I just know it!

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So sorry Michelle! I hope April will become your home.

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Sorry, Michelle. :bigarmhug:

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:bigarmhug: sorry Michelle! I'll be stalking you Smile

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So sorry Michelle:( It is disappointing. April is a beautiful month to have a baby.

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Thanks ladies...I'll be following you all as well!!

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Sorry that really bites! April is a good month my youngest dd was born then.

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I'm sorry, Michelle.. I'm following you to April too.. maybe it will be our month Smile

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Sad I'm keeping my fingers crossed for April!! Try to stay positive, I know how frustrating BFN's and AF can be while TTC!