I finally got my BFP....

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I finally got my BFP....

And no one is here! I hate that everyone dissapears over the summer Sad

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I'm still around, pretty sick most of the time though so I'm not online as often as I'd normally be. Smile

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I'm still here as well..... hopping from march to april board until the april board really start rolling( besides im in the boring stage of my cycle..smile)

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Congrats gina!!!!!

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I'm here stalking you ladies!!! :wavehello:

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LOL I'm glad I'm not all alone! thanks Lizbet!

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I'm here anxiously awaiting a damn + OPK! The boards have been slow for months now even the BB I was on for my loss was deadsville.

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I'm here too! Waiting to see if I'll get the BFP the doc predicted or not!!! I'm also reading those books you recommended a lot. Lol. Oh and I've been meaning to tell you if you haven't read Divergent or Insurgent by Veronica Roth you need to! I read both books in less than 3 days. It was insane. Lol. You also might like the Graceling series if you like fantasy/medieval stuff that's also similar to the other stuff. There's Fire (that's the first technically), Graceling and Bitterblue. You don't have to read them in order though. So good!

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I am also around, Gina. Although it has been pretty quiet. Hopefully once more BFP's roll in, things will pick up a little.

Leah, I've read Divergent, but not Insurgent- looking forward to it. I LOVED Hunger Games and will check out the Graceling series, thanks for the tip.

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awesome Leah I'm glad I could help with the books! I have Divergent and Insurgent on my kindle but haven't started them yet. I'll have to do that. I can't believe you read them in 3 days! I will check out that other series too! thank you!