I guess we might be here

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I guess we might be here

Our current plan is to start TTC next cycle for a late March EDD. I'm still BFing my 13 month old, so my cycles are pretty unpredictable (last cycle Oed CD27, this cycle Oing CD14!)
Mini intro: I'm 28, DH is 27. We have 3 kids, all boys. They are 4 1/2, 3y 9m, and 13m. We've decided we want a 4th (maybe more) even though none of our peers have started having kids yet and they all think we're crazy for having 3. It'll be exciting.

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Good luck to you! I am one of five Smile i love them all like crazy. I'm nervous about having a 2nd though ! Haha. Are you hoping for a girl or another boy? We would love to have a boy Smile I'm 23 and we are the first couple to have a baby. One of my girlfriends is finally pregnant so I won't be the lone momma anymore which I'm very happy about.

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Welcome and Good Luck!!!!

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Welcome Smile

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Welcome Smile I was in the same boat with my DD where none of my friends were having babies, now everyone is having a baby (or babies - (one friend just had twin boys and one is due with twin boys in October) I'm really hoping my new DH and I can get pg soon and join the boom!

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:wavehello: Hi there, I'm Kate, TTC #1. Nice to meet you! Loads of luck and here's to a quick journey! :goodluck:

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I remember you from several years ago. Welcome to March! I'm at the other end of the spectrum. Most of my friends have much older kids and here we are with a toddler and TTC another. My older sister has 5 kids though and her last was born just before she turned 42 (the middle three are boys). Even though it isn't an option for us, I love large families. Good luck!

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thanks, everyone!
I'd love a girl or a boy. But, realistically, we don't get a choice and I'm pretty sure we'll have another boy. My boys want a sister, though.

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