I'm baaaack!

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I'm baaaack!

From 10 days of vacationing and I'm tired. we got back this morning...I had to take nap around 11am and just woke up around 2pm....We spent time with our son...and let him be a kid...so did we(smile)...we took him to an amusement park and rode and rode and rode every ride that he could think of( very tiring) DS loves train so we went on a train ride for the day....we went to the aquarium and I- Max, DS swam in the pool almost every day at the hotel and I stayed at in the hot tub( u now I cant do that if I get pregnant this cycle) my DH just put his feet in the water we also went to the cokea cola factor, shopping and just eat......It was great because it took my mind away from ttc....I wanted to go to the Gulf but this was better because we did a varity of things...

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Welcome back! Sounds like you had an amazing vacation! Smile

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that sounds like an awesome vacay!

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That sounds wonderful !

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That sounds awesome! I'm not sure I've been on a 10 day vacation since I was little with my parents. Smile Good memories though. Glad to see you back!

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Sounds awesome!! Glad you had such a good time.

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Thanks guys... I tried to post some pictures but I'm having a hard time down loading my pics to the computer.