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intro for me....

Hello ladies Smile I am both happy and sad to be joining here. We lost out precious son Noah at 14 wks gestation and I was induced and he was born sleeping on April 19th, he was due early October. To say that his loss rocked our world is an understatement. I will never fully recover from giving birth to my sleeping child but I am more than ready to move forward as well. Having another baby will not replace him but it will help to heal my heart a bit I know this bc I have had two previous early losses as well in 97 and 05. So thats the sad part. However I am excited and scared poopless about getting pg again and this time getting to take home a healthy baby. I am super anxious already and I havent even O'd yet, Im worried I wont O at all (no basis for that just my crazy brain), or that we wont catch the egg (which is a possibility but why worry over it) and that I will have a loss again which I dont even really want to think about but do of course. So you will have my crazy, anxious, excited, self for company lol. Oh and as youll see in my siggy we have 6 beautiful, healthy, children who are the absolute lights of our lives and we are very blessed to have them and we thank God everyday for them.

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Tiffany! I am so excited to see you here. I was wondering how long you would wait to TTC again. I would love to share a BB with you. GL catching that egg and I hope your next pregnancy is easy and uneventful.
We're starting TTC next cycle and I'd probably be at the end of the month.

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Yep I was given the go ahead to start ttc by my midwife a few weeks ago so we jumped right in! Technically if I catch the egg this cycle Im due Feb 27th, or thats the projected date from my LMP anyway. But thats so close to March I just thought I would start here. I might O late and then I would be due in March anyway. Hope we both catch those eggs this month!!

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Welcome Tiffany. I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine the pain of having to be induced and birth your little one. Hope your TTC journey is quick and you have a happy and healthy little miracle!!! Smile

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Welcome and good luck Tiffany ! We are also on our first cycle after our loss. I can't image losing our LO at 14 weeks. I will be thinking about you and hoping for a healthy pregnancy soon.

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Thanks for the welcome girlies!

Kate I see your getting married very soon Congrats!!!

Megan I'm so sad to hear you had a loss last time as well. Here's to us both having healthy babies to take home the next time around!

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Hey Tiffany! Glad you see you here and ready to TTC again. I've just got two more weeks or so before I'm back on Femara and believe me we're ready as well. I feel the same as you in that the best way to heal is to try again, and having a forced break has been really miserable. But just two weeks...that's all I've got to get through and hopefully all will work out and maybe we'll end up in a BB together. Smile Good luck sweetie. I'm praying for you and keeping fingers crossed!

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Im keeping everything crossed for you too Leah!

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So sorry for your loss, I can't even begin to imagine what that had to have been like. :bigarmhug: Hope it goes smoothly for you this time around! (And you too Leah)

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Welcome Tiffany