Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

I'm Harper, and I got my bfp today!

I should be due March 21.

Assuming this goes all the way, this will be baby #3 for us. Dh and I have two little boys already (b. 1/09 and 1/11). Unfortunately, I've also lost three pregnancies.

Other info that's sure to come up: I'm 28, Dh is 31. We're Jewish. We're into homebirth, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, and all that good stuff. Oh, and I LOVE being pregnant!

HH9M, Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats !! Sending you sticky vibes!

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Thanks! I need them Smile

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Congrats, and I hope you HH9M! Hopefully all goes well and lots of sticky vibes for you!

I'm pregnant with #3 also (we have 2 girls) and am also into breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and am considering a homebirth! Smile

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Congratulations! And sticky vibes! I am Jewish, too! Smile HH9M, to ya!

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Homebirth?!? So jealous!

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Jen: Mazel tov!

FirenIce: LOVE homebirth. My second was an unmedicated hospital birth, and I kinda wish I had just stayed home. I hated it. However, having the hospital experience, I can see how some women can be more comfortable with it. The important thing is to be comfortable.

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Congrats and HH9M. This is #3 for us and we've had multiple losses too.

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Congratulations!!! Sending you tons of sticky vibes and wishing you a happy and healthy nine months:)

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lots of sticky vibes and I LOVE cloth diapers! I need to start making some but I'm afraid that if I do that I will jinx it since I haven't been to the dr yet so i'm gonna wait another 2-3 weeks to see the heartbeat Smile Congratulations! I'm jealous of the homebirth! Wink

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Congrats and lots of sticky vibes!

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congrats !!!!!!!! This will also be number 3 for us !!!!! I cloth diaper too (but only at home & not at night sooooo I guess I part time cloth diaper-lol)

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Congrats!!! HH9M to you!