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    Default It's been a month ...

    Since we got our BFP It's gone by pretty quickly so I hope the next 7 1/2 months do as well The next thing I'm looking forward to is August 9th, our next appointment, and then August 15th, our 3rd anniversary and the day we share the news on FB !

    What are you looking forward too next? And how does the time seem to be going for you?
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    Time seems to be standing still for me! And yet my house has clearly gotten messier... lol
    I'm looking forward to our appointment on Aug 13th when we should get the green light to DTD again

    We already shared the news on FB, because my mother, MIL and DH were pushing to tell people :/ I know they are excited so I'll forgive them.

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    My OB orientation is August 8th so I'm really excited about that!

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    Wow, a month! I guess time has been going some what fast. I'm looking forward to aug 10th when I go back for my next ultra sound. As for telling people....we've told my mom, hubby's mom and two of my close friends. I've been soooo bloated it's hard hiding that I'm pregnant (I'm pretty petite and haven't lost the ten pounds that I gained with the last one) but we are mostly hiding it because we don't want our ds knowing yet. Although, he already asked if I have a baby in my tummy!?!? I don't know how I'm going to hide this from him for another 14 weeks?
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    I have never seen time move so slowly for me. Ugh! It has been less than a week (tomorrow will be a week) since we found out. We have shared the news with our grandparents, parents, siblings, and closest friends. We will not make is public (i.e. FB) until after our August 13th appt. I am plus sized therefore it's not hard to hide it.
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    same here Marsha... I was already big so i don't think people think anything of my belly poking out a bit. It's just embarrassing LOL
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    Time is not moving at all over here. I feel overall crappy (not super horrible like some people, I can do everything I just don't want to). We have told no one (but I wrote " I feel like a hot pretzel" last night on facebook & got a message from an old friend asking if I was pg (and a lot of unexpected dirty comments-lol) I did not think that was a clue). I am looking forward to our Dr appt & then telling people. I am not showing yet & I am petite so it is just a matter of time but even if I start showing first I can't imagine someone would just ask me......kinda rude.

    I am soooo very jealous of anyone who feels like this is flying !!!!!!!!!! JEALOUS !!!!!!!!!!

    Oh I forgot I did tell out kids Owen & Brooke who said oh a baby but other than that zeroly cared. They might of said stuff to my in laws because they see them almost everyday but not to my knowledge.
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