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Dh has a job!!!!!!

He starts in January, but my dad has some temp work he needs done this month that will get us through.

This is officially our shortest period of unemployment ever, and I think the first time a period of unemployment has run less than a year for dh! I'm so thrilled. It's also the best paying job dh has ever had.

It's the first time in five years that dh has been a w-2 employee (as opposed to 1099 contractor) and the first time since we've been together that he has been a SALARIED regular employee!

The best part? We found out he had the job on 11/30--our 11th anniversary!

Around the time the baby is born, he'll have benefits kick in, too, which is good, because the kids need checkups and dh needs to go to the dentist.

And it's a ten minute commute. Five years since he's had anything approaching that.

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Congrats!! What AMAZING news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party:

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That's amazing news!!! Congrats!!!

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I forgot to mention, the same day we got the official job offer, dh got a call from his sister that she's engaged. The down side is that she wants to have the wedding in MARCH. He told her to make it the first half of the month. We don't want to be three hours from home when I go into labor Wink

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