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Joining in.

Hi everyone! Just got my BFP yesterday morning, my edd is March 20th. Still hasn't completely sunk in yet. We are so excited but i am very paranoid about miscarriage, since we've had one before, and for some reason I keep worrying about an ectopic pregnancy... I'm a worrier by nature, I just hope this first trimester goes by with out any complications. Happy to be here and get to know everyone! Smile

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Congrats jen!!!
I wish you a hh9m

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Yay Congrats!
I've been extremely cautious this pregnancy as well, to the point of paranoia. I think it's partly hormones LOL

I look forward to getting to know you Smile

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congrats! i hope in a few months you can look back on your worries and laugh. Wink

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congratulations! I am in the same boat... I'm super paronoid too. I felt aweful yesterday and feel better today so i started to wonder if maybe somethings wrong cuz i feel good today... LOL I know dumb but i can't help it.

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Congratulations!!!! H&H9M to you sweetie! I know how you feel about being concerned about the pregnancy after a m/c. This is my first cycle after a m/c and I know I'll be so worried whenever I do get pregnant. When I was pregnant before I called my doc twice I think all worried about cramps that were from a cyst and not ectopic but I was totally paranoid about that too. I'm a worrier too so if I stay here this cycle we can worry together. Smile

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Congrats! It's so hard not to worry!

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Welcome and congrats:) Have a HH9Ms. I know it is hard but try to relax. My friend is expecting too and miscarried 3xs and she is on the edge. Sticky vibes to you:)

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Congratulations!!! It's so hard not to worry! It seems to be in my nature to worry:(. But I realized that with my last pregnancy (which ended in a miscarriage) that there was nothing that I could have done to change the outcome. So I'm trying to be as calm and positive as possible for this little bean...but that is much easier said than done:). Wishing you a happy and healthy nine months and tons of sticky vibes!!!

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Welcome and congrats ! It's so hard not to worry after a loss. I hope you have a healthy and happy 9 months !

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Thanks, everyone. I've been focusing on my husband and daughter, and not thinking about the negative stuff. It's helping! Thanks for all the sticky vibes!