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Joining in on the fun!

Hello. My name is Jaime and I thought I would introduce myself. I found out on the 4th that we are expecting!!! Our last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage so I'm hoping that this little bean will be making his/her first appearance in March:). I had my second blood draw today for hcg, so fingers crossed that they have doubled.

Congrats to those of you who have already gotten their bfp and good luck to those of you waiting!

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Congrats on the bfp! Hope this little bean sticks for you.

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Hi there

Sorry about your loss.
Congratulations on your bfp!!! Sticky vibes xxxx

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sorry about your loss! here's praying this is a sticky bean for you Smile

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Awesome news!!! Hope that you have a very HH9M!

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Congrats and sticky vibes to you!

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Congrats !! Sending sticky vibes to your little bean !