July Chat Thread

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July Chat Thread

Hey all Smile I think we need a chat thread on our board Smile

How are you all doing ?! What is going on in your life other than growing baby?


I'm doing rough haha. Baby is making me one crazy momma. I'm getting through every day one at a time concentrating on being calm and patient and not over reacting. My daughter is starting preschool fulltime the week of August 20 and I am trying to enjoy this time with her right now because it's precious. She is in her final months of being an only child Smile as happy as I am about that it's also scary and I worry about taking this time for granted and regretting it later. Also she's two and a half and testing every boundary we've ever given her, so that's fun. Haha.

On the other hand I can't wait to get back to school. Classes start August 21st for me and then I will be so busy I know the time will fly by which I'm looking forward to. I'm taking 12 hours this semester and will go on Tuesday and Thursday and keep working Monday and Friday. I'm hoping the little break Wednesday will be enought to recooperate and get my homework/ studying done.

Also I told my DH today I want him to get the baby stuff out of the attic for me so I can go through it before school starts and organize it all. He thinks I'm insane but I kind of just packed everything together after DD so I want to actually seperate it by sizes and label it and make sure we don't have stuff that I forgot about and am planning on buying. He thinks I should wait until octoberish to do all that, but I don't think I'm going to have the time while at school and working. Do you all think I'm crazy? Haha.