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Just had to share

I posted this in 2WW thread too but I just had to share that I'm am officially in the 2WW! Lol. I called my doc this morning after taking OPKs yesterday and this morning and finding them lighter even each time. RE's office said that I had already O'd then for sure and said to count my O day as they day I had so much pain which was Tuesday. Glad now that I went out and got the OPKs to prove that I'd already had my surge. I just hope the eggs were ready. If the follies aren't mature enough you don't O right? My good follie was 19mm Monday and from what I read it could easily have been up to 20-21mm Tuesday. It was also Tuesday afternoon that I felt it so it had at least another 24 hours to mature...maybe more.

Anyway, so happy to be in the 2WW and determined I'm going to start testing at 8DPO. Lol. That's only 6 days. Woohoo! I just hope so bad that this egg was healthy enough on Tuesday, and if it gets fertilized it'll also be a sticky healthy bean! I'm also going to add my chart on here so you ladies can tell me if you think we DTD enough and at the right times. Lol. I don't temp so my chart just shows DTD, CM, O pains, and meds. Thanks ladies!

My Ovulation Chart

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great...cant wait to hear your outcome!!! smile

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i just looked at your chart and it looks great to me! GL! I can't wait to hear in 6 days!

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I hope the next 6 days just fly by!

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Yay Leah!! Hope this is your month

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Everything crossed for you!! Xxx

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I hope that you caught that egg and it's a sticky little bean:). Can't wait to find out your results! Hopefully the time goes quickly and you get a bfp very soon!!!

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Yay for Oing!! I'm crossing everything that you get a BFP soon! 2 more days til you test!!