Just one more thing... (vent)

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Just one more thing... (vent)

Our car died the other day. Transmission is toast.

The mechanic will not release it to us if we plan to drive it, because it is not safe. So we're going to sell it to them for scrap.

Right now, dh's employer is generous enough to let us use the car the he loaned dh for work, but that is obviously not a long term solution.

After four years of unemployment, we have no savings, and our credit is in about the same condition as our transmission.


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I am sorry you're having a tough time. I hope things start looking up for you.

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I know the car situation sucks, we've had the same thing happens before (minus the helpful loaner car) there are always car lots that will sell you a car even with bad credit (ours is positively terrible) They will probably give you a 20 some percent interest rate, but the good is that they report to your credit every time you make a payment (my score has gone up 100+ points since getting my car and I will be done paying it off in a month) and they give you manageable payments (mine is like 69 dollars a week)

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this situation sucks but your DH's boss is very generous! pp is right, there are plenty of car lots where 'you work you ride' and as much as the interest sucks it will help rebuild credit.

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Thanks ladies!

We've decided to suck it up and do without until November. At that point, we'll know what our financial future looks like. Dh is a campaign manager, so if his boss wins, dh gets a staff job in Sacramento. If not, we'll have bigger fish to fry anyway--and we won't want a car payment thrown into that mix.