Looking for Advice (TMI-intimacy)

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Looking for Advice (TMI-intimacy)

I know a lot of my posts here have been less than positive. I want to clarify that this post is not intended to be a complaint. I'm looking for advice. Overall, I'm having a great pregnancy, except for a few adjustments here and there. I really have been blessed in each pregnancy with few complications and little morning sickness.

The other blessing I enjoy during my pregnancies is an increased libido. With both my prior, successful pregnancies, my husband and I just enjoyed that particular side effect (I more than he--by the end, he wanted a break!). We learned that we had to use lubricant during pregnancy, but otherwise, it has been a wonderful time for us to explore intimacy each time. This time is a bit different.

With this pregnancy, my libido is still increased, in that my mind is just in. the. gutter. I want it. A lot. The problem is that my body won't cooperate. I'm having problems with dryness, even when we use lots of lubricant. And, what's really bothering me, I lose interest the moment we "get down to business." It doesn't matter what we do for foreplay, or how much. It doesn't matter how turned on I am beforehand. I've read that some women prefer to "fly solo" during pregnancy, but that ain't workin' for me either.

I really want to be intimate with dh, and not just for the intimacy. I truly have the desire. I just can't get my body to cooperate. It leaves me wanting to cry at the thought of sex.

Has anyone else had a similar experience around her desire? If so, how have you dealt with it? Obviously, this is a tmi kind of post, so don't worry about tmi in any response.