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Is anyone feeling anything?

I think I felt baby move twice last nice while laying in bed. Just two little flutters a couple minutes apart Smile it was pretty cool! I hope it was baby and that it's going to start happening more frequently.

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I actually just logged on to post that I've been feeling baby in the evening for the last couple of nights. It's so cool! That puts this baby smack in the middle of my other two. I felt ds1 at about 14 wks, and ds2 at about 9.5 wks.

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I've been feeling some movement as well, mainly when I'm laying down in the evening but it woke me up the other night!

Despite feeling crummy I've been feeling like I'm dreaming the pregnancy, like it's not real or something. Feeling the baby move is making it feel more real Smile

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Yep, I get some flutters time to time if I'm in the right position. It won't be long now til the kicking party begins. lol

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I started feeling movement just before 12 weeks and thought I was losing my mind. Smile Just little flutters at first but lately I've been feeling what feels like crazy flips. Smile

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YES! Only, when i use my doppler.